Offshore Staff Leasing

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Published: 06th January 2011
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Offshore staff leasing or offshore staffing is a business delivery model between a client and provider wherein the provider recruits staff, sets up the necessary infrastructure and workstations, and oversees operations for the client. In this outsourcing model, the provider is in an offshore location, meaning it is geographically far from where the client is based. This is an ideal solution for organizations looking to cut costs and/or gain access to specialized talent.

Offshore staffing gives clients access to talent that is not readily available in-house and for outsourcing hubs like the Philippines, these individuals work for relatively lower labor costs compared to the workforce in developed countries. This, along with the global recession, has generated strong motivation for client companies to seek agreements with providers.

Clients can be as involved as they like in the screening process, in order to ensure that the team will be able to meet the requirements. Offshore staffing services follow a process that takes off from recruitment to live operations. In this case, the provider, after the requirements analysis, reviews the employee qualifications set by the client and from there, they can immediately start sourcing for the profiles specified. Clients may also provide their own tests and conduct interviews. After recruitment, the provider proceeds to setting up the workstations and other utilities.

The Philippines is a great location of choice for offshore staff leasing. The country's workforce consists of graduates and professionals who are educated and trained for a wide range of industries. The BPO industry is also fully supported by the government, further improving the business environment to attract a lot of investors. This paves the way for a conducive business climate for clients.

Offshore staffing in the Philippines is a 24-hour business where employees work rotating shifts to accommodate Western clients. This is also a great opportunity for firms that need 24/7 operations at much lower operational and labor costs.

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